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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 25, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's the top of the hour and foggy sharon will have the traffic after the first warning weather. well, we'll look at the day part. we'll get into partly sunny and sunny conditions and clear skies tonight and sunny and high the next few days. by lunch, 76 and going up to 80 and 75 and beautiful this evening. this morning, it's gray and foggy. 67, don, take it away. here's sharon at wjz traffic
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control. well, if you're looking at 895, there's a vehicle fire coming into us on 895 at the toll plaza blocking two right lanes and if you're traveling on 90 southbound past 895, we have a disabled vehicle. someone has a flat tire and nottingham, a disabled truck blocking the lane. there and watch for police activity in the city on east lombard street. we have fog warnings in effect on the bay bridge on route 50 and there's the fog on the westside of the beltway, no delays yet at liberty road. there's a look at old fort and traffic's light. for traffic information any time, go to
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a well known bar owner was gunned down over the weekend and police are stumped as to why. andrea fujii is live outside of the county head quarters. >> reporter: don, good morning and good morning, everyone. the police aren't saying much, but neighbors claim it was not a robbery, it's clear from the out pouring of emotion that the community's stunned. lee martin just closed his family owned bar at 2:00 a.m. saturday and two men jumped out from under a stairwell and shot him. >> reporter: investigators aren't convinced it was robbery and people don't know why someone would want to kill him.
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>> we track down all of the leads and we look at every avenue and every possibility. >> he was a happy go lucky guy and he didn't do drugs, he was a good man, he helped everyone. he would do anything for anyone. >> reporter: the bar is popular in the neighborhood, not just for the drinks but because of martin. he's done everything foranyone. i can't see this happening to him. >> he's helped me out and my mom. after my dad passed away, he's a big father figure. >> reporter: the neighbors aren't used to violence. >> i'm always feeling safe here. there not this week. >> reporter: the police originally said he was shot nine times and the neighbors only heard a few shots. this morning, the police are awaiting autopsy results. two men were seen running
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from the seen. an explosion in a west virginia rocket factory left two injured. they were injured and treated for minor injuries in cumberland here. the factory produces explosives. and there's no word on what caused the explosion. neighborhood groups organized a drive to try and block the company for bringing slot machine gambling to the area. they say that the jockey club is backing the memorandum. the effort to bring back a city tax on bottled drinks is fizzling out. they tabled the measure last night. it would have put a 4-cent tax on the sodas.
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many have come out against this idea. bp's ceo admits that tomorrow's attempts to stop the gushing oil may not work. on land, we would have a high confidence of success, but because it's in 5000 feet of water, we need to be realistic. and >> they're about 70% sure they'll be able to plug the oil and he's continuing to pledge to clean up the oil covered shoreline. we'll explay at 6:00 d, explain at 6:30 more. i'm having trouble saying that. even half the fed -- even after the feds told them not to north korea has military on stand by amist rising
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depositions and there are concerns over the u.s. debt crisis. and the markets are down 3%. in sports, don't break out the brooms. the magic gets tough as they hold off elimination and the celtics. it would be a big night for howard with 16 rebounds. and the celtics will lead the series 3 games to 1. >> from the hard wood to the ice, the stanley finals have been set. they have a score of 4-2. and luke scott has a knack for other sports as well as baseball. he spent his day off on the chesapeake bay. nick chute and his son won the
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excursion with scott and luke reeled in a 10-pound 28-inch long fish. and it could be the end of the era at the naval academy there. a much tamer climb was held yesterday. the class of 2013 didn't have to contend with grease and lard. the two hour climb took about two minutes, the incoming superintendent will decide if that will continue. >> yeah, an admiral will make the decision for the incoming superintendent. when the alumni talk, the people listen. that's amazing, from the folks that have no real contact with the navy. just interested marylanders saying, yes, and hold on to the
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traditions. >> well, i've covered it over the years [ indiscernible ] these people good afternoon wait and -- graduate to go on to ships and war. i don't understand it. >> i'm not sure it's just minor injuries. >> didn't they say it was a better way to show the class and skills. >> well, i thought that was the gist of it -- and for them to become the shipman, there was better ways. well, that takes the minor injuries out of it. >> well, we'll see about the whole thing. well, i've said this, this is how it will go. okay? hey, how you doing. this is the admiral. i climbed that in 1974.
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and we talked about this. no, when the alumni talk, people listen. ask anyone. when they talk, people listen. >> it's interesting to see how quickly it can be done without lard. hey, listen, i want to talk about this before we go to ron. the barometer is at 30.22. this is a big deal. as the high pressure builds in. this time yesterday, 30.11 and we'll bust the easterly flow and we'll get into the west, south west breeze and the fact of the matter is, we'll get sunny and hot. clear, 58 tonight and tomorrow, 90 is the high. we'll be set up for a good memorial day weekend. this deep area of low pressure sitting down to the south. let me show it to you on the
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satellite photo. you can see this. this area of low pressure, believe it or not, the national hurricane center is watching it. they're giving it a 30% chance of a tropical for nation and with that low, it's going to be sending the rough surf potentially our way over the next few days for sure. we'll have to keep our eye on that. that's for the weekend for the folks going down to ocean city. that's something to watch on air and online. [low audio] time flies, doesn't it. >> well, it does. just back to the naval academy. >> well, in annapolis, grease is no longer the word. thank you for having it ready. we're live at the sports
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legends museum. we're celebrating with the five most memorable homes in -- moments in maryland sports history. we have them when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,
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temperatures around the mid- 60s and with the acception of 61 in ocean city and 61 in cumberland and 55 in oakland. this is the display. everyone is in the mid-60s.
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we've talked about the clouds to the south and east on the satellite photo. what you need to do is look at the clear skies to the west and that it's high pressure building in. it will be a few days of sunny skies and 90 degrees. the old front will come through the area friday and setting us up for a pleasant memorial day weekend. tomorrow, we'll stay sunny and a high of 90 degrees. we'll keep it there thursday.
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fog warnings are in effect on the bay bridge. you can see the fog out there and the west side of the beltway and despite the fog. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. back to you. and let's get it out to the ronster now. and the top five sports memories. >> well, this is five years and i want to bring in the director. this was taken by the museum with the media partner, baltimore sun, online right?
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>> yes, we picked the 20 and then we let the fans vote. >> number five, the ncaa basketball titles and august 2008, michael phelps and the colts giants greatest game ever played december 28th, 1958 and number two, i think we all remember. super bowl xxxv, ray lewis, going out and getting them. i think that a lot of people thought that would be the top moment because the ravins are so hot. >> well, you know, i'm not surprised at that one being number two. then, we go to number one. the big nine. 2131. and maybe this isn't surprising. cal is an icon. the mlb fans voted 2131.
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that's the all time baseball moment, but it's great here in baltimore and you know what, marty and don. 15 years ago, that happened. we're all getting old. >> it's come up on 15 years since 2131. >> but, any ways, we're featuring the moments down here. a lot of work to do and hopefully, a lot of moments going on. >> yes, go ahead. well, what was the, well, phelps, the 8th medal. i took the poll online, i rank that had highier. the 2131, that's highier, but i put phelps above the ravens and the colts. yeah, that was a individual. yeah, he picked that over that. >> well, yeah, that's a significant moment for maryland and internationally also. you have a great point there
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and also, it's topical and it's today. all of the young people remember that. and we were talking off of the air. 58, i'm surprised -- maybe they know it's the greatest game ever played. >> i don't know if age plays into sports history, once it goes to the ages, it's all ages. i can see anyone in sport, even my son, he would say, well, the colts' greatest game ever played. i can understand that. this is cool. they'll be displayed throughout the summer. >> yes, and we'll have the flags out here. >> in the lobby, you'll represent these moments. all here, all the time. >> super bowl xxxv and marty, you were talking about what's happening today.
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they'll make the announcement at 3:00 in dallas and the meadowlands will get the super bowl in 2014. >> you think. yes, they have the votes. >> nothing says super bowl like the new jersey slump. >> well, are the ravens going to pick the year to go into the tank, make it that one. thank you, back to you on tv hill. here's the website. if you've never taken yourself down there or the kids down there. i think we could agree on this. >> maybe so, it's a cool place. coming up next, on the morning edition -- >> having surge ray and only -- having surgery and finding out later it wasn't necessary.
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tonight, for the fifi,,,,,,,,,,,
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hundreds learned they may have received treatments they didn't need. and for the first time, they're
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now speaking out in this wjz-13 investigation with denise koch. hundreds of people involved an patients may have received a medical procedure they didn't need. >> you just trust they know what they're doing. >> she's one of the patients here. she had stints placed in her arteries in two separate procedures to find out later they may not have been necessary. >> it doesn't seem right. >> she and her daughter agreed to talk to wjz raising questions about whether or not the medical system failed them. >> if she didn't need the stint, she missed all of this work for nothing. >> she's one of 585 patients who received information she may not have kneed the procedures.
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this may speed up the process. this is a story in 2008, he's no longer there. this letter is typical of what hundreds of patients received. it tells the patients that a subsequent review was different than the original report. >> did anyone tell you how blocked the arteries were first. >> no. >> wjz also obtained other documents on the maryland state investigation showing that an outside group lead to the hospital's conclusion that the stints were placed in the patients when they weren't necessary. >> they submitted anesthesia and they had a surgical procedure and they were hospitalized and they missed time from work and they suffered pay and that was all unnecessary. >> this baltimore woman is another patient who may have received unnecessary stints.
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i don't feel comfortable having the stints in me that may not have been there. >> she was exposed to risks unnecessarily. the arteries that the stints were put in. the doctor believes you had a 30% chance. >> yes, the blockage didn't require stints. >> are you angry. yes, i feel like he did something to me he didn't need to do. he could have taken a part of my life from me. there are a tremendous amount of people out there who didn't need the stints and they were deceived into having the unnecessary operation they didn't need. the doctor's attorney didn't return several calls. tomorrow, the investigation, the fall out and how the hospital involved is moving forward. thank you, denise.
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yet to come, growing concern on the gulf coast. >> i'm tara mergener in washington, the obama administration insists that bp is the only option to clean up the oil spill. devastation in dundalk after a bar owner is gunned down. that's just ahead. and we're still delay free on the area roads and that doesn't mean we're problem free. we'll have a list of problems straight ahead. coffee with this day, wynonna judge. five grammies and a desire to help wounded vets. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mellow again. if you're looking at the water there, you can see the reflection of the overcast skies. there's fog in places, too. let's look at the day part. before not too long, we'll bust the clouds and fog out of here. and then, midday, partly sunny and clear this evening. we're in the 60s now and going to a high of 78 and 79. schools are 90 minutes late because of the fog on the shore. hi, don, well, the fog is the biggest issue, there are not too many problems to slow you down. just a disabled vehicle past 895 with a flat tire there and a disabled truck in nottingham on bel air road. watch for the police activity on east lombard and we have the
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fog warnings on 50 in the bay bridge. and there's 895, looking good and the earlier vehicle fire is gone. and there's a look at the west side of the beltway. we'll keep an eye on the speed sense source. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward at the top of the news this half hour, the anger on the gulf coast. 6million-gallons of crude oil have spilled into the gulf coast. that's the size of maryland and delaware combined. the next attempt at stopping the flow is in about 24 hours. as tara mergier reports, patience is running thin. >> reporter: the obama administration insists that bp is the best and possibly the
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woman option for cleaning up the gulf. >> monday, it was sis dismissed that the government take over the operation. crews will take another stab at the oil leak tomorrow. bp officials are give it a 60- 70% chance of working. if it was on land, we would have a high confidence of success, because it's in 5000 feet of water, we need to be realistic about the operating in a mile of water. >> bp is trying to tell the government how they'll mix up the oil spill. >> we expect to see a reduction in the amount of dispercent used.
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agency officials are testing alternatives and -- and newer items that are bio degradable. if they stopped the leak, we wouldn't have the discussion. with no end in site, the officials need all of the ideas they can get. the government declared fishing disasters in louisiana, alabama and mississippi. >> i'm tara mergener, wjz-13, eyewitness news. >> if it doesn't work, the crews will try to lower another containment dome over the well head. baltimore city could see the steepest lay off in decade. there the baltimore sun reported that 600 workers could be axed. and for some reports, even if
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the proposal is approved, 250 workers could still lose their jobs on july 1st. we'll hear more throughout the day now, a bar owner who friends say would give the shirt off of his back was shot and left to die. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. baltimore county police don't have a clear description of who shot the bar owner nor do they have a motive. >> lee martin just closed the bar at 2:00 a.m. saturday. witnesses say that two men jumped out and shot him. investigators aren't convinced that the motive was robbery and friends can't understand why someone wanted to kill him. we'll track down all of the leads and we're interested in
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any information that may come forward. we'll look at every avenue and possibility. he was a happy go lucky guy. he was a good man. he was very nice and he would do anything for everyone. the bar is popular in the neighborhood not just for the drinks, but because of martin. he's done anything for everyone. >> he's helped me out and my mom and after my dad passed away, he's a big, like, father figure. and neighbors aren't used to violence here. >> i always felt safe here. not this week, but i always felt safe. >> neighbors claim this wasn't a robbery because he had cash on him after he was shot. the police are still investigating. >> thank you, andrea, an autopsy was done yesterday.
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and maryland's first lady speaks out against bullying in schools. o'malley visited a middle school and encouraged students to speak up about abuse. >> all kids know what it is and getting them aware of it. -- nearly 1700 cases were reported around the state we continue to following the breaking news from the world stock markets. the asian markets took a hit on the report when north korea has the military on stand by. and of course, there are big concerns over europe's debt crisis. queen elizabeth told parliament
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that the focus should be on reducing the debt. and back here, the orioles are the worst team in the league, but the manager isn't fired. they'll focus on improving the team's players. but in basketball, the cavaliers fired mike brown days after the team was knocked out of the second round of the play offs. the team was not happy with his play off record. speaking of the play offs. the boston celtics efforts to close off orlando -- as the magic forced a game five after winning 96-92.
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you know, what's interesting, the story of mike brown. and we were talking to mike gibbons and ron matz about the top five moments. and the two five votes i had -- well, it's a individual thing. my second choice was michael phelps. >> got ya. >> well, if you fire a man with the winnings record in the team's franchise history, shouldn't that go to lebron, goody come on, this is the second coming. lebron james, never got a championship ring. who has to play the game? the coach or the superstar? [ indiscernible ] [low audio]
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you're defined by the rings you wear with that status. if you're wynonna judge, it's by the grammies you win. she's doing something interesting. they'll sell her latest album. all of the proceeds go to wounded vets. it's a wounded warrier project. it's interesting. she'll explain it all. we have the first warning weather and wjz traffic control. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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every's we'll see the winds swinging around and the skies will clear and it will be hot, not warm. today's the turn around day and clearing skies and a pleasant afternoon and 78 degrees. tonight, generally clear and overknightly of 58. -- night low of 58. thunderstorm friday and a cold front. we'll knock it back to 81. sunny and 73 and sunday, sunny
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and back to 80 degrees. not a bad looking weekend. fog is delays the school day's start. will it delay your commute, here's sharon. hi, don, well, good morning, we're seeing a lot of fog on the camera shot. this is 95 just north of 100. it's socked in there and meantime, that could be the biggest issue on the road there. only slight delays on the beltway and including other issues in nottingham blocking the right northbound lane. the police activity in the city. otherwise, fog warnings are in effect at 50 and there's the look at the topside of the beltway slowing at harford road and there's a delay on the westside of the beltway. the average speed is 42 miles per hour. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll find quality trucks and cars.
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toyota, moving forward. marty and don, back to you guys. >> this morning's coffee with with wynonna judd. this is so cool, you're doing this for wounded service men and women. >> the wounded warriors project. >> why take on this endeavor? >> well, they don't qualify the -- they don't call to qualify, they qualify the call. which means, i've lived 25 years in the business as an
6:48 am
ambassador of hope singing with my mother first and as a mom, i raise my children to understand how we live in the greatest country in the world and i have to walk the walk. my kids are watching me and when crackle barrel called, i said absolutely. i've been lucky to sing for four presidents and i've been to the white house and pentagon and i'm the parade waiver in the family besides my mom. people believe me. they trust me, i've done it long enough that people know my heart is real. it's not a perfect real and things are unpredictable and i'm an example of the real life. we have to do something for the men and women that sacrifice their lives for us. it's our duty to give back. i've been blessed. now, it's my turn to say thank
6:49 am
you for my children living the way that they've been privileged to live. it's a wonderful responsibility, but bring it. we can't help but see the crackle barrel logo behind you, what a marketing campaign to put this out through cracker barrel. >> well, one thing about me, i wish, i wrote a book about this. i lost my empire here. i'm driven by the human experience and the fellowship and the fans and the music. i made it when i was 18 and for me, i'm about people and team. and the rest of it is just stuff. when i walked into the head quarters, there were families there with wounded soldiers an they were there to greet me. it's great. it's wonderful to be a spokesperson if it appeals to
6:50 am
me and this is a no brainer. i get to take my kids to cracker barrel and eat and love what i do and the proceeds go to the families, i think i'll take that today, yes. i think it make sense for me. >> and you know what, it's interesting, we have to throw the props to curve records. they could have stood in the way and needed the profit flow that way and they've been on the curve since the 70s. stand up job by them. >> well, he's independant and i've said, i have a republican mom and a democrat sister and around the supper table i go pentacoastal sister.
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i'll be 46 this week and as i get older and my mom gets smarter, my teens think i'm crazy, they say, why do you continue to do this and it's what i do. the idea of a 12 year old girl buying a wynonna sparkle shirt grooves my brains out. >> happy birthday is correct. turn the day into a national holiday. >> well, let's get the boss on the phone. available at cracker barrel, there's you and if this follows course -- as they used to say
6:52 am
in the radio business, a monster gorilla, off of the charts. thank you for being here with us. >> well, i'm glad to be anywhere. and we'll talk to you later. >> bye bye. who didn't remember the complication way back where. did you know he was the first sponsor on the race car. no didding. there you go. wynonna. >> man, i saw her this month, she almost burned the place down. it was that great of a show. ,,,
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the high is 67 degrees -- 76 degrees. >> that's the foggiest area there. and otherwise, a disabled truck in nottingham the police activity in towson and that's on east burk at hillen road. and one on east lombard and fog warnings at 50 at the bay bridge and there's the drive times and the speeds on the beltway. down to 36 miles per hour between 795 and 95.
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there's a live look at the delay. this is brought to you by bob evans farm fresh wrap. then, stop by bob evans for farm fresh goodness. the police are looking for two who shot and killed a bar owner over the weekend. the witnesses saw two men flea and the robbery may not be a motive in the case. stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station, complete news, weather and traffic still ahead and the government continuing to put pressure on bp. by the way, you see fog hovering over the area there. ,,
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